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Every summer, consumers wonder what is be the best air conditioner in the market today. If you go through the electronics stores, you can easily find many branded air conditioners for sale, which are all well presented; so this makes it hard for you to decide what to choose.

This article will introduce to you about General branded air conditioner – a high-end air conditioner from Japan. Hope below product information satisfies all the requirements that customers are considering about buying air conditioning.

General – high-end air conditioner from Japan with good quality

General is is Japanese high-end brand since 1960, exporting to over 140 countries around the world. For many years, the Air Conditioner branded General was ranked among the top selling air conditioners in Canada, Spain, Australia, India and the United Arab Emirates.

General is used in many countries around the world

General products are popular among consumers not only in Japan (the top 3 most prestigous air conditioner brand in Japan) but also in Vietnam and over 140 other countries in the world. General is a famous in Vietnam in the 90’s and returns to the market in 2017 with a wide range of Japanese standard quality products to satisfy the most demanding customers.

The company was established in 1936 specialized in electronic appliances at first. By 1960, the company started production and sales of air conditioners. General is proud to be a prestigious brand 57 years on the market.

To check origin of air conditioner, General recommends buyers should actively learn information about brands, products by simply searching for information on official website of Genreal in Vietnam ( And at the same time see more information in the global website of the brand ( The reason behind this recommendation is that nowadays there are many other air conditioning companies with Information on the website created by itself. However when it comes to the official global website, such information doesnot exist, even the trademark is the same but the logo, the brand is different.

General – Variety of capacity and design.

It is very good to have a suitable design air conditioner with powerful operation. All General Air Conditioners are specially designed by Japanese specialists to ensure the best fit for any space.

General Air Conditioners are suitable for all homes and buildings.

General diverses in product categories such as: Wall air conditioner (single split) suitable for family, apartment, working room; Cassette or Duct fitting for buildings, offices requiring aesthetics; Multi air conditioning suitable for apartments need space or central air conditioning VRF suitable for commercial centers, office buildings … General variety of power from 7,000 BTU (residential air conditioning) up to 480,000 BTU (industrial air conditioning) makes it easy for not only consumers but also project owners to easily select products that meet all needs.

General – A consumer’s smart choice.

Being high quality product from Japan, General has quality equivalent to other Japanese brands in Vietnam market but the price is much lower. Consumers who can compare the prices of General Air Conditioners and other Japanese Air Conditioner brands will soon be able to see a General air conditioner at a lower cost from 10% to 20% in comparision with other Japanese brands in the Vietnamese market.

Therefore consumers are paying a premium (10% to 20% of the value of the air conditioner) to buy a brand name, while with a less amount they can afford a Japanese air conditioner General branded with high quality and full-featured.

General – Technology pioneer, user friendly

General has always been a pioneer in scientific and technological research and development. General created the air conditioner with the Lamda heat exchanger in 1991 (increasing the heat exchanger area, allowing for faster cooling / heating times than conventional air conditioning); Pioneered the creation of air-conditioners with power diffusers in 1995 and invented automatic self-cleaning filter system in 2003.

General – Technology pioneer

In addition, the General Air Conditioner products use R32 and R410A refrigerant which both increase the cooling / heating efficiency while ensuring safety and user friendliness, less Greenhouse effect and environmentally friendly.

Nationwide distribution and professional warranty system

Distribution and warranty systems will help you evaluate the professionalism as well as prestige of a brand.

General has set up the distribution system of “General – Authorized dealer” and the professional “Mr.General PRO.Service” service center in the provinces and cities of Vietnam. Distribution systems and security centers have been deployed throughout the 63 provinces, ready to serve 24/7 in order to meet the fastest, most effective all the needs of customers about Procurement, Installation and Warranty of General Air Conditioners.

So, with the information about General we are confident to meet the diverse requirements that customers are interested in buying air conditioning for this summer.

Japanese Air Conditioners – General is distributed by PMG Vietnam JSC and authorized agents nationwide.

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