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Summer has come in Vietnam; consumer demand for air conditioning has increased. Therefore, despite the fact that there are many air conditioners in the market such as Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, joint ventures … Vietnamese consumers still trust Japanese brand air conditioners because of the quality, durability and design of the product.

Summer in 2017 is considered to come later and hotter than last year; the air conditioner firms have been actively preparing their best products to meet the needs of Vietnamese consumers.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thach, owner of a refrigeration electronics dealer in Phuc Tho Town, Ha Noi, said: “Recently, consumers have high demand on air conditioning in preparation for a hot summer season, especially Japanese brand products. The number of customers interested in buying air conditioners increases by 40% over the same period last year. “

Although there are many brands in the market from different countries, Vietnamese consumers with many years of using and with criteria of quality and comfort still choose Japanese air conditoner as their best choice. Also, dealers prefer to select and trade this kind of air conditioner for reasons of quality assurance, wide warranty network in order to do business more effectively.

The demand on air conditioner in the summer has increased

Through investigation, many brands in the market have launched their products, carried out many discount and promotion to attract agents or consumers to buy products. However, many agents have encountered a situation of “inventory stuck in warehouse” dut to reflection that quality of products is not good and customers recommend each other to boycott products and brands.

For example, in the case of Mr. Le Van Huan (Ho Tung Mau, Cau Giay, Hanoi). “Recently, my family welcomed a baby so I decided to buy a room air conditioner when advertised 15% off, free delivery and installation. After 2 months of using it, we got a lot of inconvenience: electricity bills skyrocketed due to the horrific power consumption, initially quiet but then noisy outdoor unit is the reason why the whole family can not sleep, cooling efficiency dropped down … The warranty proceeding is slow, irresponsible and difficult to contact service. I wish I had followed my friend’s recommend buying air conditioners from Japan” he said.

Mr. Ho Linh – Sales Manager of General branded Japanese Air Conditioner distributor (one of the professional air conditioning brands with prestige, quality and many years experience in air conditioning production since 1960) shared: “In recent years people’s income is higher; consequently their access to air conditioning demand has also increased. Meanwhile, there are many different air conditioner brands in the market but some have unclear origin, cheap price and unstable quality. Many brands do not have much experience in distribution and organization of the warranty system even poor quality service. As a result, consumers are often confused when choosing to buy air conditioner.

General – a reliable brand of Japanese high-end air conditioner.

According to Mr. Ho Linh, in the year 2017, General Air Conditioner launched a lot of high-end products with beautiful design and price support from the distributor. Particularly, General’s dealer and service center network has been covered in all 63 provinces and cities. Therefore, despite the fact that the number of General orders increased sharply from the previous year, his company with more than 10 years experience in distributing a/c in Vietnam is still able to meet the market demand.

One advice for customers when choosing to buy air conditioners at this time is that: in addition to cost factor, consumers should spend time studying about the features and origin of products. One simple way to do that is browsing on the global website of the brand or official information on the website of the local distributor. At the same time, customers should ask dealers for advice, technical specifications and warranty system to avoid later troubles.

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