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General air conditioner products are ultra-powerful with super-fast cooling / heating capability: fresh air from General air conditioner can reach up to 15 meters far.

After a long period of research on product and market with many years of experience in importing and distributing air conditioners, PMG Vietnam decided to become the distributor of air conditioners General in Vietnam market.

GENERAL is a Japanese luxury brand since 1960, exporting to more than 140 countries around the world. For many years, air conditioner branded General was ranked among the top-selling air conditioner products in Canada, Spain, Australia, India and the United Arab Emirates.

General high-end air conditioner from Japan since 1960.

Professional in air conditioning manufacturing, General has always pioneered in research and development of science – technology: the world’s first Lamda heat exchanger in 1991, the world’s first power diffuser in 1995, the world’s first automatic self-cleaning filter system in 2003.

General air conditioner products are popular among consumers not only in Japan (the top 3 most respected regulators in Japan) but also in Vietnam and over 140 other countries in the world. General is a prestigious brand name in Vietnam in the 90’s and returns to the market in 2017 with a wide range of Japanese standard quality products to satisfy the most demanding customers..

General air conditioner products are ultra-powerful with super-fast cooling / heating capability: fresh air from General air conditioner can reach up to 15 meters far, spill over living and working space and help achieve faster cooling performance.

General Air Conditioner uses the new generation R32 and R410A refrigerant technology in Japan, which is environmentally friendly, user friendly, reduces heat transfer efficiency, reduces power consumption by up to 10% compared to other refrigerants. General operates at a low noise level of only 22 dB by special design inside the unit to create a fresh air flow into comfortable environment in the bedroom and office room.

General Air Conditioner is environmentally friendly and user friendly

Power saving is an important factor for most users when choosing air conditioning. With the automatic maintenance of the desired temperature without frequently turn on, turn off or start up continuously, General air conditioning uses inverter technology to provide optimal power savings compared to other ordinary products.

Another factor that is indispensable for consumers to consider when buying air conditioner is the distribution and warranty system. Customers will not have to worry about the quality of products and services as PMG Vietnam has established a professional network of distribution channels, after-sales service centers in Vietnam.

Mr.General PRO.Service – Nationwide professional warranty system.

Mr.General PRO.Service has been deployed throughout 63 cities/provinces, ready to serve 24/7 in order to meet all the needs of customers in the fastest and most effective way on the procurement of purchase, installation and warranty air conditioner.

General owns a wide range of products: Wall-mounted air conditioner, Cassette, Duct, Multi split …, wide range of capacity from 7,000 BTU (residential use) to more than 480,000 BTU (industrial use) accompanied with incentives, activation mode of warranty via convenient SMS gateway.

PMG Vietnam promises to bring attractive business opportunities to agents/dealers and  products with the best quality, durability and best performance at reasonable price to customer.

PMG Vietnam:

– Hanoi Headquarter: Km12, Highway 32, Minh Khai Ward, Tu Liem District. TP. Hanoi.

Tel: 024 3972 6288.

– Ho Chi Minh City Branch: 8th floor, SONATA Tower, 55 Truong Quoc Dung Blvd., Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Tel: 028.3842.3259

Hotline: 0988 258 888


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