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Model ASGA18FMTA-A cooling air conditioner – 18000BTU

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Improve Energy Efficiency

The higher EER is achieved than our previous models*: 230V

Quiet Operation

Quiet operation sound is able to expand the applications of the air conditioners.

Flexible Piping Installation

Sufficient pipe length and height difference is provided, which enables to enhance the flexibility of installation.

Operation In High Ambient Temperature

The operation is secured under the ambient temperature of up to 52 degrees Celsius in cooling operation.

Power Diffuser

Power diffuser makes it possible for the air flow to reach every corner of the room.

Washable Front Panel

The front panel is easily detachable and is washable, which enables to the air conditioner always clean.

Optional parts

Wired Remote Controller:     UTB-GUD
Simple Remote Controller:   UTB-GPB
Wireless LAN Interface:       UTY-TFNXZ3